With all of the choices students have in choosing an educational institution today, how are you going to set your establishment apart from the rest? Sure, you may already have professors of excellent caliber, a variety of demanding curriculums, a long string of notable alumni, deep endowments, and probably multiple championship athletic teams. But today’s leaders require something more, a lot more! That’s why tomorrows scholars are demanding what’s referred to as “sustainability”.

Your institution may or may not offer an Environmental Science Major as such, but your institution should at least adhere to the principles of sustainability.

That’s where our mobile thermal waste conversion plant will set you far apart from your rivals! Instead of having your municipal solid waste (MSW) hauled away, simply insert it into Alvin and break down the carbon into extremely low emissions! No presorting, no magnets, and no messy shredding! Operations are so simple; we can have one of your students trained within a few days’ time.

We are not discussing a dirty, antiquated, old incinerator here. Oh no, Alvin is something to be very proud of. In fact, we suggest not parking the unit in the back corner, but right up front or by the high traffic thruway. We’ll even paint it in your schools colors at no additional charge! So, to increase your enrollment count, think of your trash in a new way. Be proud of the difference Alvin can make in your sustainability program!

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See below why Alvin is the industry leading technology in gasification!

Take Alvin anywhere you need it to go! Easily transported due to the trailer.

Vent to the atmosphere without guilt – Alvin produces extremely low emissions to the air!

No need to sort your materials before the gasification process takes place – Alvin will take care of that for you.

Alvin produces syngas which in turn, oxidizes and destroys harmful molecules.

Alvin is NOT an incinerator – newly patented technology with a proven past!