According to Jeffries Blackerby, Editor in Chief of Departures Magazine, he suggests that “…what makes a wonderful hotel stay is a matter of individual tastes, opinions, and emotions – it’s personal.” With so many decisions and options, how can hoteliers differentiate themselves from others? All of the top hotel chains, casinos, resorts, and other global leaders of hospitality spaces already know, all too well, of the importance and specific advantages of “location”. Furthermore, the prominent operators are constantly juggling cuisine, service, amenities, cleanliness, and of course, price. So what’s left to distinguish the leaders from the wannabe’s?


What about their commitment to global community? Most may immediately think, about the enormous amounts of their charitable efforts. As commendable and generous as that may be, does it go far enough? Perhaps what the frontrunners may want to consider is; global sustainability or ways in which they can reduce their own impact.


This is where AEPC Thermal can make a significant and influential impression in the decision making process of hospitality clients. Our mobile thermal waste conversion unit will set you far apart from your rivals! Instead of having your municipal solid waste (MSW) hauled away, simply insert it into Alvin and break down the carbon into extremely low emissions! No presorting, no magnets, and no messy shredding! Operations are so simple; we can have one of your employees trained within a few days’ time.


Alvin has a minimum of moving parts, which makes for a very quiet and unassuming presence. There is no supply or waste water associated with Alvin either, so no ugly or obtrusive piping and wiring. Alvin is so well designed; we suggest painting it to match the surrounding environment, like a nice sand color to match the beach!


Blackerby goes on to say, “A hotel’s ability to be different things to different people – is to be, in effect, the cornerstone of one’s trip.” The next time you consider your hospitality ratios, think of “sustainability”, think of Alvin!


Contact us today to discuss how our patented technologies may assist you in your commitment to the global community.


See below why Alvin is the industry leading technology in gasification!

Take Alvin anywhere you need it to go! Easily transported due to the trailer.

Vent to the atmosphere without guilt – Alvin produces extremely low emissions to the air!

No need to sort your materials before the gasification process takes place – Alvin will take care of that for you.

Alvin produces syngas which in turn, oxidizes and destroys harmful molecules.

Alvin is NOT an incinerator – newly patented technology with a proven past!